Facilities Maintenance

Since 2008, 25th Hour Services has been providing quality services in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville and Lexington.

We are dedicated to elevating the standard of service and integrity within our industry. Every service rendered, every project undertaken, is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the value and respect we hold for the trade and those we serve.

Kevin Gilles  Founder & CEO

Together, let’s build a legacy of connection, excellence and honor!

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We value relationship with people in every aspect of our business!


Our company is dedicated to growing and keeping a Culture of Honor!


Our goal is to satisfy and complete every request with Excellence!

Let's Connect!

We prioritize connection with our clients on a personal level. By investing in these meaningful relationships, we always ensure our collaboration is geared towards consistently facilitating your success! 

Meet the Team

Kevin Gilles

Founder and CEO

Joshua Hasley

VP of Operations

Andrew Story

Director of Operations

Shelby Huebschle

Administrative Specialist

Nay Paine

Account Manager

Noah Gilles

Media Specialist

Ricky Benner

Cincinnati Branch Manager

Delonte Brown

Columbus Branch Manager


If you want a company you can trust on all levels, 25th Hour Services is that company.

Christine N.
Property Manager

Thank you for helping me on such short notice!

Mary M.
Facility Director

The work was excellent.

Bev R.
Property manager

They are prompt, good and trustworthy and we are confident that they are going to get the job done right.

John B.
Property Manager

It was excellent work, done efficiently without wasted effort or time. It was carefully done and the person cleaned up the work areas when he finished each little job.

Jane G.
Facility Director
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