25th hour services’ remodel & design process

July 22, 2015

Getting the process started:

Ideas & Inspiration…
Browsing through books, websites and magazines can prove to be invaluable reference tools. These help unfold the colors and styles that appeal to you. Take pictures from magazines, and print images from your favorite online design sites. Create a project file with these pictures and share your thought with your designer. Think about what you really like and dislike about your current space, and start jotting down some notes.

You can take a “DEEP” breath and rest assured that you have a talented, experienced, professional team coordinating this project. With a professional & experienced Interior Designer and Artist, we will seamlessly guide you throughout the design & selection process. Whether creating the best possible layout, or choosing the right cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting/ electrical items, back-splash material, flooring material, hardware, etc., we will remain sensitive to your budgeted allowances. We will coordinate all the interior details and elements directly with the installation team and product suppliers.

The 8 Steps to Success for Your Remodel:

    1. A Preliminary Design Consultation: This convenient, in-home meeting, we will discuss and determine the scope of your home remodel project. We will be asking questions, taking notes, gathering all related information, as well as take all necessary measurements and photos. This will not only document your space, but help us determine the most ideal and functional space layout for your particular needs and wants. *1 hour duration, incl.

    2. * Behind the Scenes, 25th Hour’s Design & Prep Time: *6 hour duration, incl.

    3. Design Layouts, Colors and Review: Our second in-home meeting will be the review of two proposed design layout options. This includes detailed elevations and any necessary section drawings. These professionally hand-drafted, to-scale designs will remain universal, until a particular brand of cabinetry and appliances have been established. Any modifications will be noted. We will also explore desired color schemes. *3 hour duration, incl.


  • Preliminary Selection of Primary finishes:  Our second (or possibly third) meeting, we will focus on cabinetry, surface material option(s) and required budget allowances. Regarding cabinetry, we will explore unique brand features, preferred finishes, door style(s), or wood type, and hardware. When choosing countertops and backsplash options, we will work with you to narrow down the countless options available. This meeting can occur either in home or at a preferred design showroom location. * 3 hour duration, incl.


    1. Plumbing & Appliances:  At our third meeting, we will work with you to select plumbing fixtures and appliances, in order to determine the right brand, size, finish and features. Much of the research for this step can be done online and over the phone. Meeting may occur at a preferred dealer’s showroom location. *2 hour duration, incl.


  • *More Design & Prep Time: The Project Manager and Designer will be working together to determine the best product, price, source, and lead times in which to order all materials. *5 hour duration, incl.


  1. Final Review of Kitchen Design, Products and Pricing:  At our fourth (or possibly fifth) in home meeting, both the Project Manager and Designer will  present the ‘Final’ space design (including a proposed electrical/ lighting plan), products and established pricing options for the project’s determined scope. Client document approval necessary to process all orders. * 3 hour duration, incl.

  2. Follow Up Visit: At the ‘Final’ walk–though training session, we will be providing tips for care, maintenance and cleaning of all products. A hard copy of all product literature, and design layouts, as well as a list of all product websites, will be provided. *1 hour duration, incl.

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