Cultivating a Culture of Honor


A Warm Welcome from our Founder & CEO: Kevin G. Gilles

Greetings! Since 2008, 25th Hour Services has been steadfast in fostering a Culture of Honor that transcends beyond our Cincinnati origins to Dayton, Columbus and now, Louisville and Lexington, KY. Our commitment is to recognize the inherent dignity in every person we serve and work alongside.

Our Goal is Clear: To Satisfy and Complete every Request with EXCELLENCE! This is our pledge to clients and prospects within—and sometimes beyond—our coverage area. In our weekly company meetings, we revisit this goal, not as a mere reminder but as a compass that guides our actions and reaffirms our purpose.

Another profound goal of ours is to “Restore Honor to the Trades.” We are dedicated to elevating the standard of service and integrity within our industry. Every service rendered, every project undertaken, is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the value and respect we hold for the trades and those we serve.

As you partner with us or join our team, you step into a community that not only strives for excellence in service but also cherishes each individual’s role in achieving this grand vision.

Together, let’s build a legacy of excellence and honor.

Grace, Peace & Blessings!

Kevin G Gilles
Founder & CEO

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